Top 5 books to help you pass your ITIL Foundation Exam

Rated below are 5 of the top books and study guides to help you pass your ITIL foundation exam.

The ITIL foundation exam consists of a closed-book, 40 multiple choice question exam. which lasts 1 hour. This foundation exam is the introductory qualification to IT service management and covers the terminology, processes and concepts of ITIL, giving those who attend a good grounding in the ITIL principles. In order to pass the exam, you need to score 65% or more.

Below we have hand-picked 5 of the top titles to help you pass your Foundation Exam. They are each rated with a score mark out of 10 on how helpful and useful they will be in helping you pass the ITIL Foundation exam.

  • 1/10 = least helpful
  • 10/10 = most helpful

1.) Foundations of ITIL V3

Although not directly a study guide for the foundation exam, this book will succinctly and comprehensively cover all the key aspects of the ITIL v3 Lifecycle so that it can be used as a textbook for those revising for the ITIL foundation exam. This book is available in French and German.

IT Governance rating: 6/10

2.) ITIL V3 Foundation Handbook – ‘Little ITIL’

This is an ideal introduction to ITIL v3 Foundation and proves to be a sturdy, but small study aid. It is a quick reference tool for those wanting an introduction to ITIL v3, but covers the content of the ITIL v3 2009 Foundation syllabus.

IT Governance rating: 6/10

 3.) IT Service Management: A Guide for ITIL V3 Foundation Exam Candidates

This book covers everything you need to know to pass the ITIL Foundation exam, whilst also providing an understanding of the ITIL concepts. It also includes some useful exam techniques in the Appendix.

IT Governance rating: 8/10

4.) ITIL V3 Foundation Exam: The Study Guide

Published by Van Haren, this book is endorsed by itSMF International (IT Service Management Forum)  and comprehensively covers all the material in the ITIL v3 Foundation exam. Also, OGC sample foundation exams are included at the end of each chapter.

IT Governance rating: 9/10

5.) Passing your ITIL Foundation Exam, Second Edition (ITIL Version 3)

This book is endorsed by the APM Group (the official accreditor for the ITIL examinations. This guide has been updated to take into account the ITIL Foundation 2009 syllabus and is the only official study guide.  It provides a mock exam (with answers) and uses the same terminology as in other ITIL publications.

IT Governance rating: 10/10

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