Toolkit Bolt-ons: Upgrade your management system

Earlier this week, IT Governance Publishing released three toolkit bolt-ons, designed to help organisations document an integrated management system (IMS) using the Annex SL framework.

The three bolt-ons are:

Each of these bolt-ons contains Standard-specific document templates and project toolkits, and is designed to expand an existing Annex SL management system. So, if you have an ISO 27001-certified information security management system that uses the Annex SL structure, you could purchase the ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 bolt-on to streamline your implementation of those Standards.

Benefits of an integrated management system (IMS)

An IMS combines all business components into one coherent system, streamlining process management and operations, meeting business objectives and providing organisations with:

  • A common approach to compare risks that occur within different organisational divisions;
  • Regulation management applicable to organisational and departmental needs;
  • Training, support and awareness programmes to meet the needs of employees and business units.

Organisations benefit by:

  • Saving money, time and resources
  • Avoiding duplication
  • Reducing overall risks
  • Exposing conflicting objectives
  • Focusing on achieving objectives

To find out more about these bolt-ons, click the links below: