Today, IT governance matters more than ever

Despite the fact that some business leaders recognise IT as a highly valuable business resource, it is often the case that IT operations and IT capacity don’t meet business requirements. This is largely due to the lack of alignment between IT governance and business objectives.

Put more directly:

  • IT governance ensures your IT puts you ahead of the competition
  • IT governance gives your customers confidence in your systems
  • IT governance makes sure you comply with the law
  • IT governance helps keep your projects running to time, to budget and to scope

Today, IT governance matters more than ever. The competition is fierce and the economic climate is tough. Unless your IT resources are 100% aligned to your organisational strategy, you cannot hope to achieve optimal efficiency or profitability. The board has to back up the IT department to align ICT systems with the company’s objectives.

In order to facilitate your IT department’s more efficient delivery of an IT governance framework, you should use the IT Governance Framework Toolkit.

IT Governance Framework Toolkit IT Governance Framework Toolkit

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The IT Governance Framework Toolkit represents a step-by-step guide to cross-company implementation. The toolkit includes 1,600 pages of IT governance implementation resources (98 different documents, including templates, guidelines, checklists, questionnaires, slide presentations, assessments and planning tools).

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