To be, or not to be – should I become PRINCE2® certified – that is the question?

Here at IT Governance we often have customers wanting to become certified in project management and enquiring about PRINCE2 courses. But what many don’t seem to realise is that with a PRINCE2 course you’ll become certified in the methodology of PRINCE2, not the fundamentals of project management.

If you want to grasp the fundamentals of project management, you’d be much better off studying for the APM Introductory Certificate in Project Management (APMIC). This course provides an introduction to the basics of project management.

That’s not to say PRINCE2 qualifications are not both valid and highly regarded. PRINCE2 is a vital tool in the arsenal of day-to-day project management. Anything that can improves one’s implementation and use of PRINCE2, such as a PRINCE2 course and formal accreditation at the end of it, should be seen in a positive light.

If you simply need to be aware of the PRINCE2 methodology and how it functions, plus the terminology used within in it, then a PRINCE2 Foundation course either via eLearning or a classroom-based course is the ideal solutions. The Foundation qualification is the first step on the rung of PRINCE2 qualifications.

For project management professionals that need a comprehensive understanding of the method, they will need to become PRINCE2 Practitioners. They will, of course, first have to sit and pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam having studied using an accredited course. They will then, again, need to use an accredited course to study for and pass the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam. Courses are available combining study for both qualifications into one are available, in various formats including e-Learning and classroom-based courses.

Should you already have achieved your PRINCE2 Foundation qualification and only need to pass the Practitioner exam, then courses covering just the Practitioner syllabus that include the cost of the exam are available to enable this too. The formats these courses come in are either via e-Learning or classroom-based as usual.

So, the question is, to be or not to be, PRINCE2 certified?