TickITplus Foundation Training – Essential to ensuring the quality of your software

Does your company develop software applications? Do you need to win business and deliver ‘quality certificated’ solutions to customers in the public sector that include the MOD and NHS?

Launched in 2011, the TickITplus certification scheme is designed to ensure that your software and associated services are developed using a process-driven approach that consistently meets and exceeds the requirements of your customers. The key to continued quality is of course Continued Process improvement (CPI) and TickITplus introduces capability assessment methodology together with the accommodation of other related international standards which include ISO9001, ISO20000 and ISO27001.


TickITplus Foundation TickITplus Foundation Training Course & Exam
15-16 December 2011 in London

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The first step towards becoming TickITplus certificated is to qualify at the Foundation Level on the scheme. The TickITplus Foundation Training Course is a 2-day course held in London and presented by Mike Wynn who is a member of the Joint TickIT Industry Steering Committee (JTISC) and author of the TickITplus Kick Start Guide.

By attending the TickITplus Foundation Training Course, you will learn:

  • An understanding of the TickITplus concepts and materials
  • An overview of the scheme and its operation, covering all basic concepts
  • A basic understanding of the concepts of process capability assessments
  • The role of Base Processes Library (BPL)
  • A basic knowledge of the relevant and associated standards

Ensure that the quality of your software meets the expectation of your customers.

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