Three steps to Cyber Essentials certification

The UK Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme is beginning to pick up pace, with more and more organisations adopting it.

The scheme itself was born out of a report by the department of Business, Innovation & Skills in 2013, which cited the need for the UK as a whole to drastically improve its cyber security. For UK businesses to prosper and compete in a global marketplace, it is critical that the UK is one of the safest places to do business.

After all, almost every business now uses the Internet in some capacity, so why would you want to do business with someone who cannot demonstrate their cyber security credentials?

Did you know 80% of the most common cyber attacks can be prevented by basic cyber hygiene?

The scheme itself requires the implementation of five key controls that will develop a baseline of cyber security, against which organisations can achieve certification to prove their credentials. Customers and stakeholders are increasingly concerned about cyber security credentials, and a Cyber Essentials certificate will help improve your image, tender for business where certification is a prerequisite and, of course, help you prevent 80% of the most common cyber threats.

If you think it’s going to be overly technical, not to mention costly, think again.

Here are three simple steps to achieving Cyber Essentials certification.

Step 1 – Contract our Cyber Essentials Get A Lot Of Help consultancy service.

One of our cyber security consultants will come on-site and provide you with advice and support on:

  • understanding the requirements of the scheme;
  • how to complete the self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ);
  • identifying the controls you need to implement and how to do this;
  • defining the scope for achieving certification.

Step 2 – You implement the controls and complete the SAQ.

Step 3 – You submit the SAQ and we conduct the requisite vulnerability scan.

We’ve developed the Cyber Essentials Get A Lot Of Help consultancy service to make achieving Cyber Essentials certification as simple as possible.

Until 27 March we’re offering 10% off this service for all online bookings – that’s just £1,480.

Is preventing 80% of cyber attacks worth £1,480?

If you think so, find out more about our Get A Lot Of Help consultancy service or call us today on 0845 070 1750.

Already have a skilled cyber security team?

If you already the internal technical skills and knowledge to implement cyber security controls, then the fastest and cheapest way to achieve CREST-accredited
certification is by using our electronic CyberComply portal. Costing just £300, CyberComply enables you can submit the mandatory self-assessment questionnaire and schedule the required external vulnerability scans (the CREST requirements for applying for Cyber Essentials certification) online. Find out more about gaining Cyber Essentials certification through our CyberComply portal.

Cyber Essentials Certification