Top three infosec YouTube channels

A YouTube search for ‘information security’ brings up 4.89 million results, and wading through these videos to find a channel that regularly produces valuable content isn’t exactly easy.

The variety of videos in these search results is phenomenal. On one page you’ll find a series of videos for an information security course, and on another you’ll find Javvad Malik tracing around a shoe. Both fantastic sources of information, especially Javvad’s (watch to find out why).

There are many creative people on YouTube who produce videos that can be easily understood by the not-so-technical people like me, while being equally useful to the more technically-minded.

Below, I’ve selected three YouTube channels where I spend the majority of my viewing time.

Graham Cluley

You should all know who Graham Cluley is, and now he’s being incredibly active on YouTube. Check out his latest video below:


Sophos is very active on YouTube; each week they post their 60-second security videos, which provide a quick recap of the week’s events.

Watch their latest video here:

Black Hat

The videos on the Black Hat channel are recordings of talks from the conferences that they host around the world.  There are a lot of videos on this channel – I suggest you take a day off to get started.

Who do you subscribe to? Let me know below.


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