Three highly influential infosec people to follow on Twitter

When a list of this nature makes the rounds, it usually contains the big names in infosec – which makes perfect sense. However, the only issue with following the big guys is that it’s unlikely that they’ll follow you back or have a conversation with you. This isn’t because they don’t want to, but because they have so many people that want to talk to them.

In my experience, it’s hard to be influenced when conversation is one way. So this list is a little different: it contains the people that are experts in their field but still have the time to converse with their audience.

Lee-was-quite-pleasedLee Munson @security_FAQs

In my first six months in infosec (yes, marketing kind of counts), I frequented Lee’s website, Security FAQs. I found it, and still find it, a fantastic source of infosec information but written for people who have just got started.

Lee’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed, so it was no surprise that when he decided it was time to close his website and stick to his day job in retail,  the infosec community got together and forced him to stay. He even got a job out of it too!

Give Lee a tweet.

CJB6hlvUMAAMeC-Jayson E. Street @jaysonstreet

Passionate. That’s all you need to know.

Jayson is extremely passionate about infosec, and it comes across in his talks (see YouTube). I first came across Jayson through Pwnie Express and now make sure I read whatever he writes and listen to whatever he says.

6nQ5qHQ4Neira Jones @neirajones

No list is complete without Neira. A former director of payment security and fraud at Barclays, Neira is incredibly knowledgeable about a variety of infosec topics.

Neira frequently speaks at events across the globe and if the chance pops up to listen to her, I advise you to take it.

A short list it may be, but you’ll need plenty of time to take in all the knowledge that’s available from these three.