This book will show you how ISO27001 can protect your business from cyber attack

Information security is a hot topic. In this cyber age, the protection of organizations information assets, customers and supply chain all depend upon robust and effective cyber security.

ISO27001 is the world’s cyber security standard for an information security management system. Adopting ISO27001 will safeguard your assets and help you win new business.

Written by cyber security expert Alan Calder, The Case for ISO 27001 makes a crystal clear case for pursuing ISO27001. In business terms the book explores why so it is so beneficial in achieving ISO27001 and the benefits it can bring to your business.

The Case for ISO27001 The Case for ISO27001

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This book will demonstrate how ISO27001 can::

  • Fight cyber crime and cyber terror
  • Improve your corporate governance
  • Help you mitigate against and recover from accidents
  • Safeguard your critical assets

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