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A qualification in PRINCE2 will not only boost your skills and confidence when managing projects but will greatly improve your employment prospects.

Studying for a PRINCE2 qualification can be tough, though. That’s why we recommend the APM accredited PRINCE2 Passport Distance Learning (CD-ROM). This fantastic training aid has been developed for individuals to learn in their own time and pace.

The Passport CD covers the full PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner syllabus and contains questions, revision aids, practical tasks and simulation exams.

PRINCE2 2009 Passport Distance Learning - CD-ROM PRINCE2 2009 Passport Distance Learning – CD-ROM

Price: £299

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This cost-effective route to PRINCE2 certification has already been used by hundreds of project managers. Currently 100% of those who have used the Passport CD have passed the Foundation Exam and 94% have passed the Practitioner Exam.

Boost your earning potential and get a fantastic qualification.

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