Third off Digital Forensics Course in August

Our Digital Forensics Training Course provides critical advice to enable you to fulfill the Cabinet Office ‘minimum mandatory measures’ requirement to have a ‘forensic readiness policy’, covering issues to consider in defining a strategy, identifying responsibilities and putting the required arrangements in place.

The next course will take place in London on 21 September and delegates that book before the end of August can save a third off the list price to save £200!

Digital Forensics Training Course

Digital Forensics Training Course

For IT Directors and CISOs through to IT Managers, this one day course is the perfect introduction to Digital Forensics and Forensic Readiness. Given the HM Government’s ‘minimum mandatory measures’ for information assurance, it is also ideal for Senior Information Risk Owners (SIROs) and those tasked with introducing an information security incident response regime.

What does this digital forensics course cover?

  • Digital Forensics – the art and science of digital forensics is explained. You will get an introduction to the basics of digital forensics as a discipline, plus an instructive overview of the types of information that can be found on computers, mobile phones and other forms of digital media. This includes passwords, Google searches, web-surfing history, deleted documents and e-mails.
  • Preventing Data Leakage – you will learn how to minimise the risk of data loss without necessarily spending thousands on technology. You will learn practical solutions to help prevent both accidental and deliberate data security breaches. High-technology techniques that are used for Data Hiding will be revealed and discussed.
  • Dealing with computer incidents in the workplace – you will learn how to contain and limit the damage and how to preserve the evidence, including what to look for to make sure that your organisation manages the situation correctly.
  • Preparation Strategy and Forensic Readiness – security incidents present a range of challenges to first responders. Preparation and planning are the key to meeting these challenges head on. This section details vital preparations and measures that will keep volatile situations under control and so helps you plan for the inevitable data security breach.

Fulfill the Cabinet Office ‘minimum mandatory measures’ requirement to have a ‘forensic readiness policy’:

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