The Underground Hacker Community – Right on your doorstep

When you think about criminals buying and selling personal information online, where do you imagine them to gather? Black-hat websites, underground criminal communities or websites steeped in so much code that not even the police are fast enough to catch them?

It turns out that mainstream sites are more popular for criminal communities to appear in, such as that of Facebook.

Just today we came across ‘Hackers Anonymous’ on Facebook. This is a group that openly sells personal and credit card information online, whilst boasting of the amounts of money they’ve made through fraudulent transactions.

Quite disgusting, I think you’ll agree.

What surprises me is that not only is this topic openly discussed on Facebook, they are selling personal details of people right on our Ely doorstep (Cambridge) – all a little too close for comfort.

This is the first exposure to hackers I’ve had, and it certainly hasn’t been pretty. Stealing data is just a game for them, yet it is costly to the victims in terms of so much more than money.

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