The UK accounts for 10% of global ISO 27001 certifications and ranks second in the world

The number of ISO 27001 certifications rose by 20% in 2016, according to an ISO survey, with the UK accounting for 10 % of global certificates issued (the UK ranks second in the world with 3,367 certificates issued and has a 21 % growth rate).

Certification to ISO 27001 has risen every year since the ISO started to keep records, but this is the second year in a row with such a high growth rate.

Biggest growth markets

The global growth rate has stayed consistent over the past two years, but outside of Europe, Asia and the Asia-Pacific region there has been significant growth. Africa (+74%), Central and South America (+63%) and the Middle East (+34%) all saw large increases in ISO 27001 certifications, continuing the trend that started in 2015. In the past two years, the number of certifications in those regions has almost doubled, rising from 863 to 1,598.

In terms of absolute figures, the Asia-Pacific region again leads the way with 14,704 certificates. Japan plays a big part in this, because local privacy laws mandate that all Japanese businesses hold an ISO 27001 certificate.

The growth elsewhere is probably a response to the rise in data breaches and cyber attacks in recent years. Cyber security experts such as ourselves advise certifying to the Standard because it helps organisations mitigate the risk of attacks and shows clients that they take cyber security seriously.

Indeed, IT Governance has been taking big steps to raise awareness of ISO 27001 and help organisations achieve certification. As well as our work in the UK, we have been meeting a growing demand in continental Europe and the Gulf region. The Republic of Ireland (+25%), Germany (+34%) and Scandinavia (+64%) all saw above-average increases in certification. Although the growth across the Gulf region was moderate (+8%), some countries, such as Qatar (+14%) and Oman (+185%), saw significant growth.

Country rankings (based on overall ISO 27001 certificates issued)

Japan 8945
United Kingdom 3367
India 2902
China 2618
Germany 1338
Italy 1220
United States of America 1115
Taipei, Chinese (Taiwan) 1087
Spain 752
Netherlands 670

How you can comply with ISO 27001

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