The truth about Chinese cyber warfare

“Right now we have the worst of worlds……If you want to attack me you can do it all you want, because I can’t do anything about it. It’s risk free, and you’re willing to take almost any risk to come after me.”

James Cartwright, recognised expert on cyber issues, speaks (above) about the state the world has come to in regards to cyber warfare. He points out that there is no protection for countries suffering cyber attacks; there are no deterrents, no penalties and no risk.

China has increasingly come under the spotlight with theories that the Chinese government and/or military are behind these attacks. Analysts and U.S officials agree that most of the cyberattacks seeking intellectual property or other sensitive or confidential data is done by China-based hackers. And what makes things worse? The U.S are reluctant to prosecute. This is down to two main problems; 1) They require reciprocal agreements between the two countries involved, and 2) If the Chinese government/military are involved, U.S officials would effectively be accusing a whole nation of  imposing cyber warfare. With such powerful and mighty nations at loggerheads, could this break out into World War III?

The main reason analysts believe that Chinese hackers attack is to steal confidential data and use it for their own economic gain.  Attacks from China have been a problem for many years, but in the last decade, these attacks have spread to defense companies and other critical industries such as energy and finance. Those companies in the private sector need their government to do something about these attacks and create a deterrent so as hackers do not attack the U.S.

Officials back up the private sector’s thinking, that (much like during the Cold War with Russia) the U.S. needs to make it clear there will be repercussions for cyberattacks.
Cartwright explains that the U.S needs to say; “if you come after me, I’m going to find you, I’m going to do something about it. It will be proportional, but I’m going to do something … and if you’re hiding in a third country, I’m going to tell that country you’re there, if they don’t stop you from doing it, I’m going to come and get you.”