The stats you NEED to know this Summer

Summer 2012 = Olympics 2012

Olympics 2012 = Chaos 2012

In case you’ve been hiding in a small, dark room deep undergound for the past seven years, you may not have noticed that this Summer, London will be hosting the 2012 Olympics.

But what will this mean for London in terms of business and disruptions? Well, luckily Citrix have compiled together a report, showing the facts of how the Olympics will affect London.

  • London’s Public Transport System  will be 60% + over capacity
  • Commuting times around London are expected to double
  • For 2 months, London’s population will double
  • 6 millions athletes, officials, organisers and visitors are predicted to arrive in London for the Games, 37,000 press and photographers
  • 57% of SMEs expect to suffer disruption as a result of the Games

As a result, if you are a business based in the capital, you are likely to face disruption in terms of transport, staff attendace/absenteeism and the threat to business continuity.  

With London at bursting point and thousands of businesses expecting to be disrupted over the Summer period because of the Games, it’s extremely surprising to reveal that only 10% of businesses are adopting new working practices to minimise potential disruptions during the Olympic period.

Source: Citrix

So, if your business is based in London, what have you got in place  to minimise disruption to your business? If you’re stumped for words at this point, then take a look at our Olympics 2012 Policy and Checklist. This will enable you to make sure you are prepared for every eventuality over the next 3 months.

Find out more about our Olympics  2012 Policy and Checklist here >>