The Periscope Podcast – Reporting on staff training and awareness

#BreachReady in the Media sector

Step into the Breach

Welcome to the IT Governance Periscope Podcast. This week’s episode is an investigation into reporting on staff training and awareness, and IT Governance products and solutions for organisations that suffer a data breach.

This week, we’re joined by Beth Goodyear, Product Marketing Executive (GDPR) at IT Governance. Beth was kind enough to share her knowledge of the tasks required to ensure swift and effective handling of a data breach.

Staff training and awareness should be high on the agenda for organisations. After all, staff can cause breaches when they are not properly trained, and can also be a valuable asset in spotting and reporting breaches to management.

IT Governance offers classroom and e-learning training to ensure your staff are trained appropriately for their role. Listen to find out more!




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