The most cost effective route to DPA and PCI compliance!

After just 2-days you’ll walk away knowing exactly how to achieve DPA and PCI DSS compliance!

In the UK all organisations must comply with the Data Protection Act (DPA), and every organisation that stores, transmits or processes card holder data must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). These two compliance issues cannot be ignored and will not go away – FACT!

There’s nothing new about what you just read. You already know that you have to be compliant. You may be worrying about the cost, the time it will take and the resources you need. You may also be worried about the implications that a breach would have to your organisation, especially if you are found to be non-compliant with the DPA or PCI DSS.

DPA and PCI Foundation Combination Course DPA and PCI Foundation Combination Course
13-14 December 2011 in London

RRP: £935.00
Price: £600
You Save: £335.00

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Tackle both compliance challenges together, once and for all, this December …

This December we are holding our best selling DPA and PCI foundation courses back-to-back to allow organisations, such as yours, to get to grips with these important compliance issues.

If you book these courses separately, the cost would be £935. This combination course allows you to book for just £600, saving you £335 in the process!