The High Price of a Data Protection Breach

It’s an issue that is never out of the news, data protection. It affects all organisations, no matter what size they are, or what sector they are in. Recently we’ve seen huge brands like Sony and Fox, local county councils and the NHS in the news – the fact is, if you store personal data, you must take the Data Protection Act seriously.

Here’s a quick look at damage done to some of those organisations:

  • Surrey County Council – breached the DPA and were fined £120,000
  • Hertfordshire County Council – breached the DPA and fined £100,000
  • Sony – estimates the April attack on their systems at £100 million, plus significant brand damage
  • ACS:Law – breached the DPA and resulted in the company stopping trading
  • Merseyside Police – 208 instances of DPA breaches in the last 3 years – 7 officers sacked/asked to leave

The Information Commissioner’s Office has the power to fine organisations up to £500,000 for breaches of the DPA. This does not of course factor in reputational damage, erosion of customer confidence, adverse media attention and time spent to address any issues that arise.

Are You Taking DPA Seriously?

A recent survey of 1,000 small businesses by Shred-it, a leading document destruction company, found that 50% of respondents believed a data loss would have no impact on their operations. Further staggering statistics found that 22% are not aware of legal compliances and legislation that apply to the security of their business and that 30% had never trained their employees about the importance of information security.

Scary statistics.

Could your business really afford a fine of hundreds of thousands of pounds?

In these austere times, can you really afford to lose business and clients?

In the worst case scenario, do you really want your business to cease trading?

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DPA 1-Day Foundation Course
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  • Options available for compliance

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