The Digital Agenda for Europe and what it means for your business….

“The Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE) aims to reboot Europe’s economy and help Europe’s citizens and businesses to get the most out of digital technologies.”
Source: European Commission

Since the DAE was started 3 years ago by the European Commission, Europe has noticed these improvements:

  • 15 million Europeans have connected online for the first time
  • 68% of Europeans are now online regularly
  • 170 million Europeans are on social networks
  • 95% have access to a fixed broadband connection

This may be very well for the economy (increasing GDP, improving sills in the labour force and reforming the framework conditions of the Internet economy) but what does it mean for your business?

With more and more people online, easier access and faster Internet connections, this could heighten the threat of cyber-attacks to your business.

Protect your business by complying with ISO 27001 – the world’s only cyber security standard.

Covering all aspects of information security, this standard is ideal for businesses if looking for:

  • Security of their assets (both physical and digital)
  • Competitive advantage
  • Trust from customers

Kick-start your ISO 27001 project with the No 3 Comprehensive ISO27001 ISMS Toolkit. This toolkit contains everything you need to achieve certification, including guidance, documentation, risk assessment, copies of the standards and support.

“Essential…for information security professionals in these days of increased focus on compliance and standards.”
Milo Doyle, Head of Information Security, EBS Building Society, Ireland

“…a critical source when preparing and managing the ISMS.”
Bill Pepper, Director of Security Risk Management CSC NR Royal Pavilion.

“Using the templates, was the only way that we could deliver a 1st edition ISMS in under 6 months. Our deliverable was a work in progress but miles ahead of where they would have been without the templates.”
Tim Moreton, President, Moreton & Co.,