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A risk assessment, whether as part of your risk management process or as part of an ISO27001 project, can cause you headaches. As a core competence of cyber security management, risk assessment is now a critical issue to all businesses.

That is why IT Governance, the cyber security risk assessment specialists, has developed vsRisk

vsRisk has been designed to:

  • Provide an ISO27001 compliant risk assessment
  • Automate the information security risk management process
  • Assess the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information
  • Minimize the need for specialist knowledge
  • Reduce the time in performing a risk assessment by up to 90%
  • Provide a comprehensive gap analysis and in-built audit trail

For a limited time only vsRisk includes a free copy of Information Security Risk Management for ISO 27001/ISO 27002 which will provide you with expert knowledge on how to plan and conduct a risk assessment.


vsRisk 1.6: The Cyber Security Risk Assessmemt Tool vsRisk 1.6: The Cyber Security Risk Assessmemt Tool

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vsRisk has recently been updated to version 1.6, offering inheritable assessments at Asset Group Level, a new interface, better functionality and network version.

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