The Cabinet Office’s view on Cyber Security

Ok, we know it’s a big deal by now; cyber threats are real. No matter how hard you don’t want to believe it, they can, and quite possibly will effect you/your business if you don’t stay protected.

But enough of us jibber-jabbering on, we thought we’d hand this post over to the officials; the Cabinet Office. The Cabinet Office sits at the very centre of government, with an overall aim of making the government work better. Not only do they support the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, they also provide useful statistics and resources about the topics concerning the country and the government.

In 2010, the Cabinet Office wrote, “In less than 16 years the number of global web users has exploded from 16 million in 1995 to more than 2 billion today. UK shoppers spent £5.2 billion online during August 2011 – up 14% on the previous year, and cyber-crime has been estimated in the billions per year globally, with untold human cost. Therefore we must act now to protect the value we place in cyberspace.”

In a later post, picked up by BBC news, the Cabinet Office estimated that cyber crime wass costing the UK £27 billion in lost revenue. They also said that two thirds of all businesses  who had been hacked had gone bust in the same year. These are startling statistics, emphasising more than ever that companies need to stay protected against hackers.

Set out in the Cabinet Office’s Cyber Security Strategy (November 2011), their main objective is to “tackle cyber crime and be one of the most secure places in the world to do business in cyberspace” by 2015. Their second objective is for the “UK to be more resilient to cyber attacks and better able to protect our interests in cyberspace”.

For more information on the UK’s Cyber Security Strategy, you can download it here >>

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