The Business Impact of a Data Breach

Businesses take note: Data breaches have a far greater impact than just potential fines.

Although the ICO can penalise you for suffering a data breach, this is not the only impact your business will face.

Your biggest concern should be customer confidence.

A recent article in Tech Journal found that there is a lack of confidence which is affecting consumer behaviour. The article found that 24% of British consumers would no longer do business with a bank, credit card company or retailer if a security breach occurred that exposed their personal information to theft.

Could you afford to lose almost a quarter of your customers in the event of such a breach?

Regulatory fines are painful, but the loss of such a large proportion of your customers would hurt you even more.

Compliance with the Data Protection Act is one way of increasing your resilience to a data breach. By meeting the requirements of the DPA you can protect yourself and your customers.

The Complete Data Protection Toolkit provides all the tools and resources you need to carry out your own DPA project and become compliant quickly and cost-effectively.

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