The Boardroom Cyber Watch Survey Needs Your Opinion

IT security isn’t just a problem for the IT department; it’s a problem for the whole organisation.

With security being high on the senior management’s priority list, why is it that 87% of small businesses and 93% of large organisations across all sectors experienced a breach in the last year according to the 2013 ISBS report?

In an attempt to shine fresh light on how company directors, board members and IT Professionals perceive IT security we have created the Boardroom Cyber Watch 2013 Survey.

For your chance to win an Amazon Kindle Fire and to receive a free copy of the IT Governance report on company directors and IT Security, then please complete our short survey. It’s multiple-choice and should take just 2 minutes to complete.

This survey is open to Company Directors, Board Members and IT Professionals.

Your opinion counts – take part in the survey here: