The benefits of Live Online training

One of the most popular ways of standing out in your industry is to gain qualifications. As well as proving that you know what you’re talking about, you’ll learn new skills and develop existing ones.

And thanks to the growing popularity of Live Online training, it’s easier than ever to get started.

Live Online combines the advantage of classroom training and e-learning. You study remotely via an online client, but the lessons are delivered in real-time by an expert trainer.

Let’s look at some of the reasons to consider Live Online training.

  1. Live Online is less expensive than classroom courses

One of the sticking points when it comes to taking a training course is the cost. Whether you’re paying for it yourself or asking your employer to pitch in, a training course is almost always a big investment.

And it’s not just the cost of the course itself. There’s also travel, accommodation, and food and drink to consider.

With Live Online training, you study from home or work, meaning there are no extra costs. If your course is three days or longer, you’re probably going to save more than £250.

What’s more, IT Governance’s Live Online courses are 15% cheaper than their classroom-based alternatives.

  1. You don’t have to travel

There are other downsides to travelling to your classroom besides the cost. There’s the inconvenience of having to get up at the crack of dawn to drive or catch the train to your location, plus the stress that comes with that journey.

You’ll probably also be travelling during peak commuter periods, so the roads will be jammed and the trains packed.

Studying via Live Online means that you not only avoid those crowds but also might not even have to leave the house at all. Many employers give staff the option to study from home, so you could use the time you’d normally be travelling into work doing a few errands, having a lie-in or getting a head-start with the course content.

  1. You can study from anywhere in the world

With Live Online training, you don’t need to stress about finding a course that’s running near you. Nor do you have to worry about going with a second-rate training provider simply because they’re offering a course that’s easier to get to.

All you need is an Internet connection and a webcam. If you have those, you can enrol on a course wherever you are.

  1. You can fit the course around your lifestyle

Being away from home for the best part of a week can be a real inconvenience. Perhaps you have a partner or family you won’t be able to see. Or maybe you have pets that need looking after, or social commitments that you won’t be able to attend.

Whatever it is, you won’t have to change your plans with Live Online training. You can study from home or the office, and go about your day the same as any other.

But won’t I miss out on the classroom experience?

No, at least if you study with IT Governance. Our Live Online courses are exactly the same as our classroom sessions, and include interactive elements to help you engage.

You might even find the online experience preferable. You can see slideshows clearly on your screen, instead of having to grab a seat near the front of the class, you can set audio levels to make sure you can hear the teacher at all times, and you can provide your own drinks and snacks.

Study online with IT Governance

We offer Live Online versions of many of our most popular training courses.

Take a look at our full selection, which includes courses on the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), ISO 27001 and ITIL® 4, to find the right training option for you.

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