The 7 signs of grieving for your failed ISMS

Poor customer service costs £234.2 billionFrom hearing our customer’s stories of woe, we know that creating, managing and updating compliant documentation for an ISMS can be one of the trickiest things to sort out on the way to achieving ISO 27001 certification.

With potentially hundreds of documents to manage, it’s not surprising that IT managers go through a typical cycle of frustration and anger as they battle with their ISMS documentation.

Here are the seven signs to watch out for:

  1. Shock: This isn’t what you expected…
  2. Panic: How on earth are you going to get all this done by deadline?
  3. Frustration: Why can’t things just be simple?
  4. Anger: No one told you that you had to create all of the documentation from scratch.
  5. Despair: This is hopeless…
  6. Embarrassment: Come on, you’re a qualified IT manager – surely you should be able to write some silly documents!
  7. Hate: Why did you even suggest the company get ISO 27001-certified in the first place?

Fear not! There are templates out there that will make your job a whole lot easier.

The ISO 27001:2013 ISMS Documentation Toolkit contains pre-written and fully customisable templates, developed by ISO 27001 experts, to help you implement an ISMS aligned to ISO 27001:2013.

Proven to save you months of work, this toolkit will not only save you time and money as you implement the world’s leading ISMS, it will also relieve all those negative emotions you are likely to go through without it.

You can see how the toolkit documents map to the official standard here:

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