Tesco Probed by ICO Over Security Issues

One of the UK’s biggest supermarkets is now facing pressure from the data protection watchdog on its online security.

Tesco has come under criticism in the way they store the passwords of customers after security expert Troy Hunt, revealed the flaws of their system.

Hunt pointed out that their passwords were being stored in plain text and not cryptographically, meaning that passwords and accounts would be easier to hack. He also criticised Tesco for not using HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) across its entire site, leaving users vulnerable to phishing attacks.

Although there is no evidence to suggest Tesco has been targeted by hackers, the ICO has confirmed that it is investigating the situation further.

After this news hit the BBC, Daily Mail, Register, Tech Week Europe, SC Magazine UK and a number of other high-profile websites, Tesco now has the delicate task of reassuring its customers that the matter is getting sorted out.  

After all, Tesco should know that when it comes to security measures: Every little helps.