Taking IT out of ITSM: The re-emergence of service management and delivering value.

Somewhere along the line, we all seem to have got caught up doing ITSM, running IT services and concentrating on the technical side of things rather than focusing on delivering value to the organisation and offering the correct amount of both utility (fitness for purpose) and warranty (fitness for use) in our services.

For some time now there has been talk in the service management industry about going back to basics and concentrating on ‘pure’ service management, rather than trying to ‘implement’ ITIL in its entirety, which would no doubt be overkill for most (not that you implement ITIL anyway, you adopt it).

Approaches about getting back to this ‘pure’ service management have been around for several years. Examples are USMBOK by Ian Clayton, ITIL Lite by Malcolm Fry or Basic Service Management by Rob England. But only now does there seem to be a head of steam being built up in the industry that will make things change.

But when will this ‘iPad’ moment, as I call it, occur? When will people stop focusing on the technical side of IT services, stop trying to implement ITIL or other ITSM frameworks in their entirety and get back to basics?

A wise man would say this moment is fast approaching. With the demand from users and organisations growing for services that deliver real value and that are fit for purpose, we are bound to see a new approach to service management emerge over the next few years. What will this approach look like and how it is managed isn’t clear yet.

One of the possibilities is adopting an approach similar to the Calder-Moir IT governance framework: where you pick and choose different parts from different frameworks, with the aim of finding solution that works for you.

At this point, this is just supposition on my part. And no doubt approaches such as ITIL and other ITSM frameworks all have a part to play. But don’t be fooled, pure service management will be coming to an organisation near you soon!


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