Take your GDPR project to the next level with our compliance packages

For many organisations, last year’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance deadline was a whirlwind of privacy policy updates, data protection training courses and hours spent online researching exactly what a ‘controller’ and ‘processor’ are.

In the nine months since, you’ve hopefully been able to grips with your compliance requirements. You should have also noticed that compliance isn’t a fixed status. Your organisation, like the cyber threat landscape, is constantly evolving, meaning you should always be considering ways to adjust and strengthen your security and privacy measures.

To help you do that quickly and cost-effectively, IT Governance has created a pair of packages containing our most popular GDPR compliance products and solutions.

GDPR Compliance Solution – Package 1

GDPR Compliance Solution – Package 2

Which package is right for you?

The compliance solution you choose will obviously depend on what aspect of the GDPR you want support with. In this section, we explain what each product and service entails and who would benefit from it.

GDPR Staff Awareness E-learning Course

This interactive e-learning course provides non-technical staff with a comprehensive overview of the GDPR.

It covers the principles, roles, responsibilities and processes under the Regulation, giving your employees a confident understanding of their GDPR requirements.

EU GDPR Documentation Toolkit

Eliminate errors, cut your implementation costs and accelerate your GDPR compliance project with our customisable documentation templates.

Developed by industry experts, the toolkit includes 80 indispensable policies, procedures, forms, schedules and guidance documents to help you achieve and demonstrate compliance with the Regulation.

GDPR Manager

Assess your data protection practices, create a clear audit trail and speed up your internal compliance processes with our four-in-one GDPR compliance solution.

This Cloud-based tool includes four modules to help you manage a range of core GDPR aspects on one platform, covering data breach reporting, DSARs (data subject access requests), gap analyses and monitoring the compliance status of third parties.

GRCI Law consultancy support

Both packages come with three hours of consultancy support from our sister company GRCI Law.

GRCI Law specialises in data protection, data privacy, and cyber and information security law. The team consists of lawyers, barristers and information security specialists.

You can use your consultancy time on any of GRCI Law’s solutions, whether that’s to support your DPO (data protection officer), data breach, DSAR or data privacy management needs, or for specific legal advice, such as the reviewing and drafting of contracts and advising on international data transfers.

EU GDPR, A Pocket Guide

Get to grips with the GDPR with this essential introductory guide. It explains the Regulation’s terminology in simple terms, which is crucial for unpacking the complexities of regulatory compliance.

You’ll also gain a clear picture of how the GDPR affects you and what you must do to meet its requirements.

EU GDPR – An Implementation and Compliance Guide

This comprehensive guide offers practical advice to help you implement and maintain the GDPR’s requirements.

It uses non-technical language, making it ideal for anyone who’s getting started with the laws and best practices regarding data protection.

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