Symantec’s 2013 Predictions: Ransomware, Madware and Cyber Conflict

Symantec’s 2013 Predictions: Ransomware, Madware and Cyber Conflict

An hour ago Symantec’s director of Security Response, Kevin Haley, published a blog on the top 5 security predictions for 2013. As industry leading security specialists, Symantec have a better idea than most what the future holds in regards to cyber security, and these are their top 5 predictions:

Cyber conflict becomes the norm

Cyber conflict is set to continue to rise between nations, individuals and organizations. “In 2013, we will see the cyber equivalent of saber rattling, where nation states, organizations, and even groups of individuals use cyber attacks to show their strength and send a message”.

Ransomware is the new scareware

Symantec reports that as the fake antivirus enterprise method fades, a new, harsher model of ransomware is on the rise. With more sophisticated messaging, and now the ability to collect payment online, ransomware will increase rapidly. “In 2013, attackers will use more professional ransom screens, up the emotional stakes to motivate their victims, and use methods that make it harder to recover once compromised.”

Madware adds to the insanity

Madware (mobile adware) that can be downloaded when a user downloads an app is a legitimate way for companies to sneak advertising onto the user’s device. “We expect increased use in madware as more companies seek to drive revenue growth through mobile ads.”

Monetization of social networks introduces new dangers

As the likes of Facebook look to monetize their operations, there will be an inevitable increase in the threat from cyber crime. Whether it be businesses paying for adverts, or the ability to buy and send real gifts to friends, Symantec believe their will be a big increase in attempts to steal payment details and personal information.

As users shift to mobile and cloud, so will attackers

As the proliferation of companies transitioning to cloud services continues, it is inevitable that the criminals will follow suit.

Similarly, as smart phones have become the norm, the volume of malware has increased. There is also the issue of unmanaged mobiles coming into corporate networks and thus putting them at risk.

You can read the full blog here.

Source: Symantec

With the rapid development and use of technology it is inevitable that we see fast changes in the threats posed to cyber security.

Do you agree with Symantec’s predictions for 2013?

What do you believe will be the key cyber security issues for 2013?