Surviving Snowmageddon with IT Governance

  • Has your organisation been brought to its knees by the snow (again?)
  • Have you had to turn customers away or delay activity because of staff absence?
  • Are you beginning to think you should have a more effective Business Continuity plan?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then you need our BCMS Implementation Toolkit.

Purchase before the end of January and you will also receive copies of Coping with Unplanned Absence and Business Continuity Management: Choosing to Survive for free.

Use a Business Continuity Management System to plan for staff absence

Written to help you quickly and effectively implement a Business Continuity Management System in-line with ISO22301, this toolkit contains all the policies, tools and documents you need to make sure your organisation is prepared for a disruptive incident.

It can help you assess and cope with business impact threats, including weather problems, IT failures, cyberattacks and civil emergencies.

Visit our website to take advantage of this special offer and ensure your company is better prepared for the next time it snows.