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ITGP Book of the Month: Information Security: A Practical Guide, by Tom Mooney – 5/5 rating.

Published in June 2015, this book sets out to address communicating corporate information security to all of your colleagues.

Information security, as many of you will know, is big news. As a stakeholder, supplier, CEO, line manager, employee, etc. – whatever hat we wear – we need to ensure we are aware of our responsibilities when protecting corporate information.

Tom Mooney’s book, Information Security: A Practical Guide, provides readers with an overview of basic information security practices that enable security teams to engage with their peers about addressing the threats facing the organisation.

We are recording a podcast with Tom this month and would like to open the floor to all our followers – would you like to ask Tom a question about his book? If so, we would love to hear from you; simply enter your question into the comment section below and we will endeavour to include them in the interview.