Study shows travellers are careless when using public Wi-Fi

A study conducted by PhoCusWright questioned over 2200 American travellers that have been on a trip over 75 miles in the last 12 months.

Unsurprisingly, the results revealed that 4/5 respondents felt their personal data wasn’t safe when accessing a public Wi-Fi network but 84% took no action to ensure their data is secure.

The survey asked which web behaviours respondents felt most concerned about. According to the results Wi-Fi users saw accessing banking websites and making online purchases as the most risky areas.

The results of this survey demonstrate that not enough people are taking care when using the internet on their mobile devices, even though they are aware of the threats.

Imagine how your organisation could be affected if your employees access their work emails on an unsecured Wi-Fi network? Perhaps you should consider providing your staff with basic information security awareness training, so that they don’t become careless with their devices.

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