Stop Calling Me, I’ve Opted Out! £90,000 Fine for Nuisance Calls

We’ve all experienced it…usually just when you’re about to settle down for a slap up mixed grill or slide into a deep bath… the phone rings and someone is trying to sell you something.

You wonder how they got your number, not too difficult it seems these days, and try not to use too many expletives in ending the call.

Well this week the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) dealt one of these infuriating organisations, DM Design, a big fat £90,000 slap in the face. The ICO and the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) have received nearly 2,000 complaints about DM Design. In a clear breach of the law, DM Design consistently called people who had opted out of receiving marketing calls, and responded to only a handful of complaints made against them.

The ICO cites one instance where a DM Design employee removed the complaint of an individual from the company’s system and instead threatened to “continue to call at more inconvenient times like Sunday lunchtime”.  They sound like a lovely bunch.

The ICO have informed two more companies that they are intending to impose similar fines in the coming weeks.

Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, said:

“Today’s action sends out a clear message to the marketing industry that this menace will not be tolerated. This company showed a clear disregard for the law and a lamentable attitude toward the people whose day they were disturbing. This is not good enough.

“This fine will not be an isolated penalty. We know other companies are showing a similar disregard for the law and we’ve every intention of taking further enforcement action against companies that continue to bombard people with unlawful marketing texts and calls.”

Marketers take note.