Stay Protected – Don’t Let Cyber Criminals Access Your Corporate Data!

Last week turned out to be pretty unlucky for India’s  anti-terror unit, National Security Guard (NSG). The NSG’s website got hacked which resulted in e-mail accounts of some officers being compromised.

According to the Times of India, unidentified programmers last Friday had hacked into the official site of NSG, which is one of India’s special response units focused on counter terrorism.

As it was discovered that the e-mail accounts of a number of officers were found to be corrupted, all NSG officers based in its Palam headquarters were advised to avoid using the Internet.

NSG’s spokesperson, Ajai Singh, told the Indian Daily: “The situation is not alarming. There was report of some damage of the NSG Web site following which cyber experts called in to investigate into the matter. It is too early to say if there was any data theft bu the services have not been restored yet.”

With numerous cyber attacks resulting in corporate data being stolen and e-mail addresses and passwords being compromised (like in the recent case of Groupon India), organisations are no longer safe when it comes to their cyber- and information security. Lack of knowledge, poor security control, no information security management systems (ISMSs) in place put companies under huge risks from cybercriminals.

What can you do to prevent cyber-crime? – Assess your security!

Information security, often called data security, is a governance issue, not an IT department functional responsibility. It involves the understanding and compliance with corporate IT policies which are not only aimed at directors, but also employees who have access to the same computer network within an organisation.

Anyone in a company who has access to corporate data automatically exposes their organisation to some risks. Therefore, corporate network security is of paramount importance and is something every organisation should take very seriously.

Our Assessing Information Security: Strategies, Tactics, Logic and Framework (eBook) deals with the philosophy, strategy and tactics of soliciting, managing and conducting information security audits of all flavours. It will give you the founding principles around information security assessments and why they are important. The book provides a fluid framework for developing an astute ‘information security mind’ capable of rapid adaptation to eveolving technologies, markets, regulations, laws, and so on.

Read this book and discover what you can do to beat cybercrime!

Assessing Information Security: Strategies, Tactics, Logic and Framework (eBook)

Assessing Information Security The book covers the following elements that will benefit your business:

  • Protect your business information
  • Spend money wisely
  • Learn to adapt
  • Prepare to fight back

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Welcome to a new age of information security

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