Staff Awareness: The critical component of information security

Effective information security management is a challenge for any organisation no matter how large or small, no matter what industry or sector. If you take the SME who has a single location and a handful of staff and compare them with a large multi-national corporation that has offices across the world with thousands of staff, you would conclude that that the challenges faced by each organisation are a million miles apart. And you would be right. However, the one common information security weakness that every organisation has, are its staff.

Improving information security within your organisation, therefore, has to encompass people and processes, as well as technology. Motivating your team and making them more aware of security concerns should be at the heart of your information security strategy. At the same time, the processes you have in place to address information security issues need to be straightforward and properly understood if you want your employees to adhere to them.

Information Security Staff Awareness

IT Governance has drawn on its years of Information Security Staff Awareness training to develop and produce the world’s most useful and complete online e-learning Information Security Staff Awareness Course.


ITG E-Learning Course: – Information Security Staff Awareness

ITG E-Learning Course ITG e-learning is designed in such a way that it is very easy for us to ‘customise and tailor’ to meet your specific needs.Building on the generic content, we can add your own policies and procedures, your own contact information and specific instructions for staff, as well as your own logos, colour scheme and so on. We call this ‘core customisation’ and the cost of doing this is included in our standard pricing for multi-user licences if you have 51 or more members of staff to train.

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ISO27001 / ISO27002

In addition to the generic Information Security Staff Awareness e-Learning course, we have developed a version for organisations that have specific ISO27001 commitments. The Information Security & ISO27001 Staff Awareness e-Learning course is also fully customisable for multi-user licences if you have 51 or more members of staff to train.

e – learning technology is at the core of our commitment to helping you deliver information security awareness induction and training programmes. Developed and hosted by IT Governance. Our e-Learning courses offer the following benefits:

  • Online learning accessed from staff desks or at home
  • Reduced cost with no travel or accommodation overhead
  • Minimise time away from core work activities
  • 40-minute course with a 20 minute test to assess learning effectiveness
  • Can be customised for additional specific technical or commercial needs.

Positive, aware and well trained members of staff are a key part of ensuring that you fully comply with the ISO27001 standard AND protect the crucial intellectual assets of your organisation, namely your confidential information, relationships and reputation.

Order the ITG e-Learning – Information Security Staff Awareness course today!


Order the ITG e-Learning – Information Security & ISO27001 Staff Awareness course today!


If you require a more intensive and trainer-lead approach to fully implementing the ISO27001 standard, we recommend that you consider attending the IT Governance ISO27001 ISMS Foundation Training Course.