Staff awareness programmes: How to engage your staff with your cyber security strategy

A comprehensive cyber security strategy is composed of technology, processes and people. The first component is about the latest tools and resources (such as firewalls, anti-phishing and anti-malware software) that can be implemented to detect, protect and mitigate cyber risks.

Processes and polices are about the courses of action that everybody in the company is mandated to follow in order to avoid or reduce cyber risk or to respond appropriately to security incidents and changing scenarios.

The third component, people, is often left out of the equation because people are unpredictable and difficult to manage. But is it really impossible to involve people in the cyber security strategy? Actually, they can make all the difference.

Staff awareness programme – how to engage your staff

A staff awareness programme is the best solution for all companies wishing to engage staff with their cyber security strategy. Based on trainings, tools and activities, these programmes aim to make staff aware of the daily cyber risks companies face and how they can behave to minimise such risks.

Ideally, a staff awareness programme should be an ongoing process that begins during induction and continues throughout the year with updates delivered periodically and/or when any staff-related security incidents occur.

IT Governance has an extensive portfolio of tools and training materials to help you introduce a staff awareness programme to your organisation:

  • Training aids – Engaging card games and posters to encourage staff to reflect on information security and cyber security issues that affect their work.
  • Customised reading material – Personalised pocket guides and books about information security with your own branding to support your programme.
  • E-learning courses – Comprehensive and easy to follow e-learning courses about information security, phishing and compliance requirements to make your staff aware of security risks and the best practices to follow.
  • In-house training – Face-to-face training at your workplace with our highly-experienced trainers.

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