Data Classification Software – Sparing Legal Blushes

Recently I blogged about Data Classification and even more recently you may have read an email from IT Governance, created by yours truly, about how everyone is responsible for clearly marking the sensitivity of their own information in, The Buck Stops Here.

It’s important to remember that we are in an age where everyone is creating content in order to share. Creating and sharing has been something I have seen develop more and more in the last 3 years and is growing ever larger. So, we need to ask ourselves a simple question when creating content, how sensitive is this information?

When we talk about creating content we immediately think of blog posts, news articles and word documents. However, we are not just creating content here. Every day we are working in spread sheets, dealing with customer information and writing emails. This is all content too. If you put this in the legal environment you will know that every email relating to a case will probably be needed for evidence. Other technologies allow you to pull all information relating to a case out of email but it doesn’t stop you from sending it to the wrong person. This is where Boldon James Classifier, the data classification software, comes into its own. By creating a client matter project group in Boldon James Classifer, you can ensure that the information relating to that case will only go to the people in your organisation who have access to that case. Talk about sparing the blushes (or worse) that you may accidentally send a highly sensitive case to the wrong department.

In this day and age we need to think more on the lines of content classification rather than data classification!

There are many ways in which to secure your sensitive data and it doesn’t need to be expensive. Boldon James Classifier is an inexpensive tool which fits neatly into your outlook tool bar and gives you the control over sensitive content. Learn more about data classification software.

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  1. Colin Robbins 28th May 2013