Sony’s PlayStation network hit by cyber attack, again.

Guess who has been hit by another cyber attack.

Sony’s PlayStation Network suffered outage for two hours Monday morning, leaving gamers unable to reach the PlayStation store, which is used to buy games, movies and other media.

Between 8:52am and 11:18am Tokyo time, users were presented with the message “Page not found. It’s not you. It’s the internet’s fault.” when trying to reach the store.

This cyber attack, which hacking group Lizard Squad has claimed responsibility for, comes just weeks after a massive cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, which has seen the theft of over 100TB of data.

This attack couldn’t have come at a worse time, as the Japanese giant has a heavy dependency on their gaming business to help turn around the devastating effects of the larger breach late last month.

Lizard Squad, a group well-known for their cyber attacks on gaming networks, tweeted “PSN Login #offline #LizardSquad” shortly after the attack started. This tweet mimics their tweet earlier last week, “Xbox Live #offline”, after users faced trouble signing on to Microsoft’s Xbox Live service last week.

Sony has now fixed the issues caused by this attack and everything appears to be running smoothly.

There’s no doubt that the outage has caused some serious financial loss for Sony. The PlayStation store has thousands of paid-for items available for instant download, and, as a PlayStation gamer myself, I know how often purchases are made on the service and two hours of missed revenue will certainly be noticed.

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