Sony resumes network, but doubt lingers on…

You may have had one of two feelings on Monday:

1) Happy –  Sony has now resumed it’s Playstation Network and to top it off you get a free “Welcome back” pack that contains “premium content”

2) Frustrated –  Although back on the scene, logging on has caused quite a few problems. Members have had to log in and reset their password to heighten security. Users were then sent an email confirming their new details. However, with a lot of users trying to log back on at the same time and millions of emails flying around the Internet, meant that there was a long delay on emails being sent to users and the recently restored service had to be briefly taken offline again.

Sony resuming itself online has come after a month of checking and double checking it’s security. They have been working with a number of external security firms to increase encryption levels and add additional firewalls to ensure maximum protection has been ensued. But the doubt is still there for many Sony Playstation Users.  Michael Casey said  “Sony totally failed to secure your personal details. Just because it’s free isn’t a reason to let them off the hook. If I said I would look after your motor for free then I left it on the road with the keys in the ignition and it got pinched would you let me off so lightly?”

He does have a point.

Businesses can take years to build up their brand name and reputation, but it can all come crashing down in as instant and trust could be lost forever if they are subject to cyber attacks on their internet security. For companies dealing with customers’ personal information (especially email addresses and billing information) it is extremely important that everything is done to ensure maximum protection.

ISO27033-1 (ISO 27033-1) Network Security – Part 1  provides an overview of network security and related definitions. It defines and describes the concepts associated with, and provides management guidance on, network security. This is a perfect book for manager’s and CEO’s who want to identify and analyse internet security risks within their business and how to overcome these problems before it is too late.

Cyber Risks for Business Professionals: A Management Guide is a great read for business professionals who are trying to understand the origins of cyber security and how to develop a suitable risk management strategy which is vital for their company’s survival. This book also includes expert guidance in examining the operational and technological risks involved and a way to familiarise yourself with some of the legal issues surrounding this topic.