Sony network now ‘hack-proof’

After the devastating attack on the Playstation network in April this year, Sony’s Chief Executive has announced of their new system, which is deemed to be ‘hack-proof’.

Howard Stringer went on to say that the network is now extremely secure and “better than ever”.

Sony is trying to rebuild its brand, image and its relationship with customers after an estimated 100 million customer’s data was stolen in April 2011. Stolen data included customer’s names, email addresses and even credit card details.

It has taken 4 months for Sony to ‘come out of the other side’ and even now we don’t know if they will fully survive the data breach that brought them so much criticism.

So now it’s just a waiting game to see what happens. Wiill their new network live up to the ‘hack-proof’ status that they so profoundly proclaim? And more improtantly, will they ever fully recover?

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