Social Media to Support Customer Issues in 2011

2010 was the year of social media adoption for many organisations and as the experimental and learning phase matures through 2011, there will be increased pressure for the channel to deliver a return on investment. Organisations are realising that, when compared to more traditional media (such as telephone, direct mail and email), social media is a very cost effective communication channel and will continue to encourage customers to engage with them via their Twitter feed, Facebook or LinkedIn groups or whichever social media tool they use.

Improve Social Media Effectiveness while reducing risk

How should organisations regulate and manage the use, by their staff, of social media during work hours? And what sort of risks do organisations face, in terms of potential data loss, unregulated communication of confidential information, and work time? Answering these questions – assessing and controlling the new risks associated with the use of social media – is just part of the challenge faced by organisations.

The other part of the challenge is this: how should social media be used as part of a corporate communication and marketing strategy? How should the talents and credibility of individuals, within the organisation, be harnessed to position the organisation and its products or services in the best possible light? How should the organisation respond to criticism, whether on blogs or in a LinkedIn group?

The ITG Social Media Governance toolkit helps organisations create an effective governance structure around their social media activities.


Social Media Governance Toolkit – CD-ROM or Download

Social Media Governance Toolkit The templates and guidance in this toolkit will help an organisation create an appropriate social media governance framework. It will help organisations identify appropriate social media objectives, as well as assign roles and responsibilities. It contains a full set of policies and procedures that help organisations implement appropriate acceptable use frameworks, reduce risk from the corporate use of social media while helping them integrate social media into their marketing, communication and positioning strategies.

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The documents in this Social Media Governance Toolkit fall into three groups:

  1. Documents for creating a social media governance framework, including a comprehensive social media policy that draws on established best practice and can be adapted for almost any circumstances, plus roles & responsibilities, communications & training, and metrics & monitoring.
  2. Documents that help embed crucial controls around social media, including an acceptable use agreement, template for legal guidance, branding & corporate style guide.
  3. Operational Guidelines that set out best practice for social media activity, including guidelines for Internet postings, blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Uniquely, this social media governance toolkit also links to the best practice information security controls contained in ISO/IEC 27001 and, while it is a standalone product, it is also designed to integrate (if desired) with other ITGP toolkits, specifically the SharePoint Governance Toolkit and the ISO27001 ISMS Documentation Toolkit.

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