Soca takes action and raids dozens of websites

Britain’s Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) has raided dozens of websites across Australia, Europe, the UK and US and arrested three men.

The 36 websites were brought down after credit card numbers and bank account details of millions of people were being sold for as little as £2 over the internet. Over the two year period that these websites had been under surveilance, Soca recovered 2.5 million credit cards, preventing fraud of at least £0.5 billion.  

Lee Miles who is the head of Soca’s cyber crime unit told the BBC that “traditional “bedroom” hackers were being recruited by criminal gangs to write the malware or “phishing” software that steals personal information.”

This shows that cybercrime is now turning to an “industrial”scale, with criminal gangs employing hackers to do their work, turning cyber crime into a mass business.

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Source: BBC