So, you’ve taken an ISO 27001 course… now what?

So, you’ve attended an ISO 27001 training course and you’re feeling inspired and ready to start implementing your organisation’s ISMS…

…But you’re suddenly daunted by the sheer scale of the project – there’s just too much to do… and it seems that it’s only you who has a firm handle of what you’re trying to achieve. The volume of policies and procedures that need to be developed is simply overwhelming, not to mention the finer details of the project plan that need to be laid out.  And setting realistic timeframes in order to manage the execution of the deliverables according to your own capacity is becoming a nightmare.

Remain in control in the steering seat

Fortunately, there is a unique new approach to ISO 27001 implementation that puts you in the driving seat, while offering personalised coaching from a dedicated ISO 27001 specialist, and ensuring you build the required internal capacity to manage the project yourself.

Build your ISO 27001 expertise with Live Online coaching

With the ISO 27001 Get A Lot Of Help package, you get a range of expert-developed tools and resources to help you fulfil your ISO 27001 implementation requirements, as well as five days of one-to-one coaching to help you during the key stages of the implementation project.

Your personal coach will help you set the project framework and timelines so that you can manage the execution of the deliverables according to your own needs, while you benefit from their expertise to transfer vital knowledge gained from years of experience implementing ISO 27001 projects.

Totally eliminate consultancy expenses

What’s more, the costs of extensive consultancy work, travelling and other expenses are totally eliminated. That is because appointments take place at flexible times and at a location convenient to you and your team. There is no need to set aside a full day or book meeting rooms to host our consultants at your offices.

Frequent check-ins with your consultant are made possible using a variety of channels, including online chats, telephone calls, online coaching sessions and file-sharing services.

You also receive access to two ISO 27001 masterclasses, totalling eight days of live and online classroom training from IT Governance, helping you get to grips with the finer details of implementing and auditing an ISO 27001 project. Documentation templates, core ISO 27001 standards, risk assessment software and implementation guides are also included.

This unique package puts you – and keeps you – in control. You are able to quickly and cost-effectively assimilate and deploy critical knowledge, allowing you to maintain your ISMS in the future.

Find out exactly how you will benefit from this increasingly popular offering.

Combining expert tools, resources, training and online consultancy, take advantage of the hands-on guidance you will receive at key points throughout the implementation project, leading you to towards certification-readiness. View all the benefits offered by this package here.

Get all of the benefits of consultancy, without the added costs.  

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