So you’ve got your Project Management Plan, now what?

Now you know how long your project will take, how much it will cost, and who is going to be working on it; to the scaling down or exclusion of their normal activities. Your project estimates supply this information so that you can plan accordingly.

It all sounds great but what if your project fails?

It is a natural assumption that, if a project fails, it has been mismanaged. This presumption needs to be clarified, however. If you are not a Project Manager, you will assume that mismanagement occurs once things have started happening – i.e. as the limestone is being brought up from the quarry, or as the foundations are being laid at Bennelong point.

This natural view is actually mistaken – project mismanagement usually begins well before the execution stage. Project management occurs in the planning phase.

The most significant problems with projects are traceable to decisions taken – or not taken – before any visible work has commenced.

Avoid failures – use only the best tools for project teams and managers!

BugBox is the best PRINCE2® issue management software in the world. It solves two persistent project management problems:

    1. Controlling ownership, and
    2. Fixing issues.


This tool is simple, robust, and effective PRINCE2 software for project teams and managers. BugBox helps you track issues and manage tasks through simple workflow.

BugBox is accredited as PRINCE2 software by the APM Group. PRINCE2 is a logical, flexible and simple project management methodology invented by the UK Government and now used by many organisations throughout the world. The APM Group manages the PRINCE2 method on behalf of the UK Government.

Since launch in 2001, BugBox users now number in the thousands globally.

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BugBox PRINCE2® Software for Project Teams

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