‘So long ITILv3, hello ITIL’!

With the updated version of ITILv3 due for release in the second half of this year, I was wondering what will change in this ‘refreshed’ version? Well, it seems, on the face of it, not much. The main changes being made to the framework are to correct errors and inconsistencies and to aid clarity and completeness.

The biggest wholesale change in the methodology is the review of the Service Strategy publication. Based on user feedback, the guidance in this particular title is being thoroughly overhauled. It was felt that, out of all the five core titles, Service Strategy was in need of the most attention. The core concepts in the manual will remain the same, as they will in all the other core books, but the terminology employed and how they are explained will change.

The idea behind the whole ITIL ‘refresh’ is that the guidance becomes easier to navigate, learn, read, teach and implement. However, the ethos and original principles behind the ITILv3 framework will not be changing.

A lot of people at this point will be wondering whether they will need to spend vast sums of money updating their ITILv3 qualifications. The answer, in short, is no.  Whilst there will be some minor changes to the syllabuses,  due to the Service Strategy update and the other amendments, there will be no need to re-take examinations or to take bridging exams.

If you are thinking of becoming ITILv3 certified, and are putting off doing so because of the update, don’t delay. The qualification you receive now will be just as valid as it will be after the updated version of the framework has been released.

There is also no need to put off implementing the framework. The core guidance will remain the same, just enhanced by the amendments. There has never been a better time than during a recession to implement best practice guidance and enhance organisational performance.

A final subtle change that is being made to the core books is the use of ‘v3’. With the impending withdrawal of ITILv1 and v2, the core books will only labelled with the name ITIL. So long ‘ITILv3’, hello ‘ITIL’.

Keep checking back on the IT governance website for the latest news on the ITIL update. We’ll be offering the new version of the core books for pre-order in various formats in advance of the launch.