SMEs are the new target for cyber attackers

According to The Times of India, cyber attackers are now turning to small and medium non-IT enterprises, also known as SMEs.

Cyber crime experts are citing a rise in phishing attacks against small to medium sized businesses on a regular basis. So why is this?

Well cyber security expert, Anshul Abhang, said that “The reason is that non-IT SMEs do not have much investment in IT security infrastructure or solutions. Also, they are not fully aware of the current cyber security scenario. Nowadays, cyber attackers target those enterprises that are capital rich in nature, i.e. those maintaining good amount of money in their bank accounts for working capital requirements.”

The 2011 Symantec SMB (Small Medium Business) Threat Awareness Poll found that while awareness is high, most SMBs do not consider themselves targets (due to their size) and so are not implementing proper safeguard to protect themselves.

Is this you?

Are you pushing the threat of a cyber attack to the back of your mind? Do you believe it will never happen to your business because you are an SME?

If so, then you need to change your mindset now. Cyber attacks are real and will affect your business if you do not have protection in place.

Your focus need to be on protecting your business from a cyber attack.

The best way to do this is to align your information security management system to ISO 27001 – the world’s only recognised cyber security management system standard.

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