SME’s are at risk of cyber attack – start building your defences today

The recent Symantec Threat Awareness Survey uncovered that over 50% of the 1,900 SME’s interviewed for the poll thought that they were immune to cyber crime because they were too small.

However, Symantec’s report found that since 2010 40% of all attacks were on SME’s. Ross Walker, Symantec director of small business commented “Hackers are going after ‘low hanging fruits’, these are the companies who are less security aware and do not have the proper defences in place.”

The best way to build robust and effective cyber defences is by implementing ISO27001, the world’s cyber security standard. The easiest way to do this is with the No 3 Comprehensive ISMS ISO27001 Toolkit – which contains all the tools, templates and guidance to implement your own ISO27001 project.

Until the end of March this toolkit comes with a free cyber security assessment tool!


No 3 ISO27001 Comprehenisve ISO27001 ISMS Toolkit No 3 ISO27001 Comprehenisve ISO27001 ISMS Toolkit

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Achieving ISO 27001 certification is the best way for an organisation to protect its information assets, mitigate the risk of Cyber attack (and other forms of data breach), and to win new business.

The No 3 Toolkit will accelerate your ISO27001 project, provide you with essential resources, documentation templates and includes our unique 12 month drafting support

Take cyber security seriously.

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