Six benefits of e-learning

Educating your staff can be a tough task; even if you find the best training course to match your requirements and needs, finding a day and time that’s suitable for all of your workers will be harder than finding a needle in a haystack.

When implemented effectively, though, a staff awareness training programme can help you identify security problems, educate your staff to be alert and vigilant, avoid falling victim to cyber attacks, and ensure that security procedures are well understood.

More and more organisations are adopting the e-learning approach to train their staff. Why? Because there is a lot to benefit from:

Flexibility and adaptability

E-learning courses don’t have limits on class sizes: you can train your entire staff at any one time. All your employees need are a machine and an Internet connection. They can access the course from anywhere in the world and at any time. Furthermore, e-learning courses are asynchronous – if a member of your staff is off sick or busy in meetings, they won’t miss out on the training.

More results in less time

Students are alone in front of their screen, so time won’t be wasted on social interactions (greetings, questions, chatting, etc.) and they won’t be slowed down by others, as usually happens in live training. They can also start and stop the training at will, which minimises disruption of daily routines and tasks.

Consistent teaching and assessment

Each student receives consistent teaching and documentation, and even the final test is impartially assessed and recorded. As e-learning administrator, you can see at any time who has passed the test and who has failed to do so, and you can keep track of accomplishments for internal records (or for evidence in court, in the worst case).

Environmentally friendly

E-learning courses are environmentally friendly. No travel means a smaller carbon footprint is generated, and online assessment means less paperwork is created.

Personalised content

E-learning course providers usually offer the option to personalise content in terms of branding – and, in some cases, in terms of topics covered – to best match your requirements.

Economic price scaling

E-learning courses are usually sold on a large-scale basis: the more licences you purchase, the lower the cost per licence, so you can easily train your whole staff at a convenient price.

Which course do my staff need?

IT Governance has developed six different e-learning staff awareness courses to best address issues like information security, ISO 27001 compliance requirements, data protection, PCI DSS compliance and phishing attacks. Check out which best suit your needs and, if you are interested in a demonstration or ready to purchase a multi-user annual license to train your staff, contact us on +44 (0)845 070 1750 or drop us an email.

Educate your staff to be the first-line soldiers in your cyber security defences!