Selling Information Security to the Board

If you’re reading this, then I don’t need to tell you how important information security is. Chances are you know exactly how important it is but you’ve just not been able to get the board to see the risks the way you do.

You’re not the only one; there are endless amounts of information security professionals out there who are struggling to sell information security to the board. It’s understandable that directors aren’t just going to throw money at departments whenever they ask for it, but when it’s the security of the organisation we’re talking about, you would think they wouldn’t show much hesitation.

It’s not the end of the road though; all you require are the essential sales skills needed to make your board aware of the risks and what needs to be done to reduce them. Alan Calder’s pocket guide, Selling Information Security to the Board provides you with the knowledge and skills on how to convince your board to give you the go ahead to better secure your organisation’s information.