Securing laptops and other mobile storage devices

By the end of 2010, there will be more than 227.8 million portable computers in the world.

The use of laptops, USB memory sticks and other portable or removable storage has increased substantially in the last number of years. Whilst these devices increase communication levels between staff, they are, however, highly susceptible to loss or theft.

Every time a laptop computer or other portable device is lost or stolen, the data on that device has also been stolen. If state data is lost, accessed, or compromised as the result of a laptop theft, the resulting damage can be much greater than the cost of replacing the equipment.

You only have to search the Internet for “data breach; laptop; 2010” and you will be confronted with a list of news of data breaches which have occurred right up to the present day, all of which involve personal data being compromised.

Technical Briefing Paper - Securing laptops and other mobile storage devices
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Technical Briefing Paper – Securing laptops and other mobile storage devices

This technical briefing paper focuses on the best way to protect the content on your laptops and other mobile storage devices.

This free briefing paper contains:

  • Introduction
  • Guidance on Laptop/Notebook Hard Drive Encryption
  • Laptop whole disk encryption
  • USB Encryption
  • Security threats
  • What to do if your laptop is stolen
  • Recommendations for improved data security
  • Organisational processes
  • Staff Training
  • Useful Resources.

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